Situation Map
SystemTimePositionMovement (kts)Winds (kts)Pressure (mb)
JACK191800Z14.5S 90.9ES 0580963
Tropical Cyclone JACK Situation Map
Global Tropics Hazards and Benefits Outlook
Graphic provided by Climate Prediction Center

What is a Hurricane?

A hurricane (or typhoon, or severe tropical cyclone), the strongest storm on Earth, is a cyclonic (rotary) storm that derives its energy from cloud formation and rainfall, unlike frontal cyclones that derive their power from a temperature gradient. Full Article

Saffir-Simpson Scale

Category 1 – 74-95 mph (64-82 knots; 119-153 km/hr). Damage is limited to foliage, signage, unanchored boats and mobile homes. There is no significant damage to buildings. The main threat to life and property may be flooding from heavy rains.

Category 2 – 96-110 mph (83-95 knots; 154-177 km/hr). Roof damage to buildings. Doors and windows damaged. Mobile homes severely damaged. Piers damaged by storm surge. Some trees blown down, more extensive limb damage. Full Article

Tropical Cyclone Formation

Tropical Cyclone Genesis is the technical term for the process of storm formation that leads ultimately to what are called hurricanes, typhoons, or tropical cyclones in various parts of the world.

This occurs when, in the Northern Hemisphere, the Intertropical Convergence Zone, or ITCZ, shifts northward out of the doldrums and atmospheric conditions become favorable for tropical cyclone formation after about the middle of May. Full Article

Tropical Cyclone JACK Forecast Graphic
Tropical Cyclone JACK Forecast Track (Joint Typhoon Warning Center)
Tropical Cyclone JACK Storm-Centered Infrared
Tropical Cyclone JACK Storm-Centered Infrared (Aviation Color Enhancement)
Tropical Cyclone JACK Storm-Centered Visible
Tropical Cyclone JACK Warning Text (JTWC)
Tropical Cyclone JACK JMV 3.0 Data (JTWC)

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